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The success story and history of APM is with numerous notable 'first' in the Malaysia automotive component manufacturing industry. We remain in the forefront and is a clear leader in many areas such as leaf springs, van & bus seat design & manufacturing, to name just a few. Over the years our accomplishments and successes can be seen by the numerous prestigious awards that have been awarded to us by our customers. At APM, our customers are our driving force.

Stock Quotes

Bursa Symbol 5015
Currency MYR
Last Done: 2.950
Volume ('00): 4
Change: -
% Change: -
Quotes Updated End Of Day.
Quotes As At 12 Dec 2018

Latest Quarterly Results

For the Financial Year Ended 30 Sep 2018

Revenue RM335,997,000
Profit/(loss) before tax RM13,610,000
Profit/(loss) for the period RM8,910,000
Earnings per share (EPS) RM1.71
Dividend per share RM0.00
Net assets per share RM6.25

Annual Report 2017

Annual Report 2017

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